Kevin Owens dropped a worked pipe-bomb on Shane McMahon during SmackDown Live

Kevin Owens

It's no secret to anyone that Shane McMahon has been eating up valuable television time every week in WWE recently as he continues to play a prominent role.

His latest feud has seen him go head-to-head with the 'Big Dog' of WWE - Roman Reigns - but he seems to be creating enemies on a weekly basis.

And last week Shane's appearance on The Kevin Owens Show saw the catalyst for a surprising face turn for the host in-question himself.

Even after hitting a Stunner on Dolph Ziggler to close the show last week, Owens' face turn wasn't really completed, but after his actions on SmackDown this week, it definitely was.

Owens' action started early as he brawled with Ziggler in the parking lot after a few choice words were spoken of each other, and due to his favouring of heels, Shane pulled Owens from his scheduled main event match with Ziggler.

And despite barring KO from the arena, that didn't stop the Canadian entering and making his feelings known about the only son of Vince McMahon.

Owens noted that WWE and Shane hadn't kept to their December 2018 promise of giving the fans 'what they want' and that Shane himself had gained 'more power and authority in that time', and that no WWE fan 'ever wanted that'.

Kevin Owens berated Shane McMahon on SmackDown and subsequently became the most popular babyface

And with the fan reaction at home and live in the arena, that was exactly true, and in recent weeks Shane has been getting 'go-away heat' - that's when you know things are bad.

After picking up another microphone due to Shane-o-Mac cutting the one he was using off, KO also ridiculed the fact that Shane calls himself the 'Best in the World' on a weekly basis - another thing WWE fans are sick of hearing.

Owens then publicly defended a number of superstars who haven't gotten the deserved time on Raw and SmackDown that Shane is taking up - Apollo Crews, the Kabuki Warriors, Buddy Murphy, Ali, Liv Morgan and AOP - and judging by the reaction everyone in Manchester, New Hampshire agreed.

Despite security thinking Owens had voluntarily scarpered from the arena, he would return during the Roman Reigns - Ziggler main event to land a Stunner on Shane - is this 1999 all over again but with KO as Stone Cold Steve Austin?

It took just one night for KO to become arguably the biggest and most popular babyface on the roster, and his worked pipe-bomb gave fans probably the best opening they've seen to SmackDown in some time.

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