Enzo Amore and AEW star Joey Janela involved in an altercation at a blink-182 concert

Enzo Amore

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore has never been the shy and retiring type, and he's continued to live his gimmick in 2019.

Having departed WWE early last year, Enzo stated that he would be focusing on a music career from there on in and had no interest in wrestling ever again.

It didn't stop him from participating in an angle for Ring Of Honor though during WrestleMania weekend this year, where he and former tag team partner Big Cass were involved in a 'shoot' invasion which got lots of attention.

Enzo also accompanied Cass, respectively now know as nZo and CaZXL, for a match on the independent scene against Jon Moxley, but as of his WWE release he hasn't competed in a match - so at least he's stuck to his word.

Instead he's been a bit of a nuisance, especially in WWE's case when he showed up under disguise at Survivor Series and caused a very visible disruption - leading to him being banned from attending shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

It's been a little while since we've heard any Enzo-related drama, but he got into an online war of words with All Elite Wrestling's Joey Janela, and it turns out they've had a fight at the most random place - a blink-182 concert.

Enzo tweeted first and stated that Janela tried to introduce himself at the gig, but he then slapped Janela's hands down and squared up for a fight once he realised who he was.

AEW's Joey Janela was involved in an altercation with former WWE star Enzo Amore

Amore further accused Janela of 'clout-chasing' and trying to cause a scene, and the 'Bad Boy' responded by saying he 'said hi' before having the 's***tiest fist-fight of the year'.

That is a claim refuted by Enzo though, who is adamant that he only slapped Janela's hands down, and that Janela backed away when Enzo came at him with his hands up.

It's anyone's guess as to why Enzo can't just live a peaceful life, but it seems like the drama just follows him everywhere he goes.

Janela's stock in the wrestling world is rising with his main event appearance at Fyter Fest against Moxley, but we can't see AEW investing in Amore to continue this seemingly real-life feud in the ring.

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