Piers Morgan: Roger Federer would beat Serena Williams 100 times out of 100

Miami Open 2019 - Day 3

Three things in life are guaranteed. Life, death and Piers Morgan causing an absolute stir online.

The well known TV personality and journalist is never shy of sharing his opinions on national television, no matter how bold or controversial they seem to be.

And this morning was no different.

Whilst hosting his normal 'Good Morning Britain', alongside Susanna Reid, Morgan went on quite an extraordinary rant about women's sport; comparing it to men's sport and how they'd fare if the genders crossed.

There's been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about women's sport, mainly because of the women's World Cup in France that did remarkable viewing figures across the world.

England's Lionesses had the nation behind them during their route, but they sadly fell short, losing to United States of America in the semi-finals, and then Sweden in the third-placed playoff.

However, what was clear was that the whole of England were behind them, and were also willing to watch their games on the BBC.

The feel good factor about women's sport was certainly there, but one man that hasn't been as impressed is Morgan; no surprise there.

Morgan decided to compare the quality between men and women's sport, and linked it to tennis. He claimed that Roger Federer would beat Serena Williams 6-0, 6-0 if they were to ever play a game together.


In fact, he is so confident, he's prepared to bet £1billion on the outcome.

"Serena Williams would be beaten by the top 200 men in Wimbledon," the ex-Daily Mirror editor said.

"It doesn't mean she's not a superstar of the game.

"Roger Federer would beat Serena Williams 6-0 6-0. We know that."

With Reid disagreeing with Morgan, he continued: "Everybody in the game knows it would happen.

"She knows it would happen."


This was when Morgan decided to place the bet with Reid; one that his co-host will 100% not be taking.

"I'll bet you £1billion that Roger Federer would beat Serena Williams a 100 times out of a 100," he said.

"You wanna take the bet or not? No? Because you know you're talking nonsense."

Reid laughed off his bet in the end by saying that she didn't have that much cash.

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