FIFA beats Call of Duty in vote to be named the greatest video game franchise of all-time


The video game industry is absolutely huge, with a massive range of titles to suit the needs of everybody.

But two franchises, FIFA and Call of Duty, have dominated more than most for almost two decades now. 

EA Sports have released a game annually since 1997 and each year it gets better and better, with more people than ever playing in 2019. 

The same can be said for Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games, the three developers who make COD. 

It's more than likely that gamers have owned and played titles from both franchises, given just how popular both are. 

There has also been plenty of argument over which is better - FIFA or COD? 

The two are very different of course, but gamers love to argue over which reigns supreme - and according to a vote run by GiveMeSport, it's FIFA that comes out on top. 

Over 38,800 people were asked to choose between the two titles, with 57% favouring the football simulation over the first person shooter. 


Other game series were also involved in the poll but didn't make it to the final round.   

Grand Theft Auto, Halo, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Super Mario and Pokemon were all out-voted in the 'group-stage', with FIFA and COD winning their respective groups. 

The fanbase that EA Sports have built is absolutely massive, and gamers are in for a treat when FIFA 20 is released in September. 


This year, the title will re-introduce street football through the 'Volta' game mode. 

Fans have been calling for 'FIFA Street' style gameplay to return for many years now and their calls have finally been answered. 

With the excitement of 'Volta' football, Ultimate Team and The Journey story mode, it's not surprising that fans have voted FIFA as the best game series of all-time. 

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