Vince McMahon won't force his booking agenda on Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff


WWE is keeping themselves ahead in the new wrestling war vs AEW by making serious changes to the way which they book their product.

The hires of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the Executive Directors of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live respectively shows WWE wants to make a creative change.

Since both men still report to Vince McMahon, there is a concern that not much will change since Vince still has the final say and likely always will.

However, according to recent reports from WrestleVotes, both Heyman and Bischoff will be able to work in their Executive Director roles without Vince pushing his agenda on them straight away.

WrestleVotes said in their tweet: "Was told recently that anything WWE had planned for SummerSlam in advance was all subject to change once Bischoff & Heyman fully start their roles this upcoming week.

"Good on Vince & Co to allow a legitimate clean start. No forced agendas off the jump. That’s how it should be."

Fair play on Vince's part for not forcing storylines on either Executive Director, but remember, both will still have to go through him with their ideas since he has the final say.

Limitations on creative may still be present.


Still, what this likely means is the slate on storylines in WWE booked by Vince could be wiped clean once Extreme Rules is in the books, which many fans will be happy with.

Next week's Raw and SmackDown following Extreme Rules will create very interesting viewing, as these will likely be the first red and blue brand shows under the control of Heyman and Bischoff respectively.


WWE hasn't been performing to the standard which many expect them to perform at, and it has been reflecting in ticket sales for not only Raw and SmackDown but pay-per-views too.

Essentially, Heyman and Bischoff may have to hit the ground running with their booking over the next few weeks up until SummerSlam. in order to keep any creative influence from Vince at bay.

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