Russian bodybuilder who injected biceps wants UK operation to save his arms


A Russian bodybuilder who injected his biceps with oil is begging to come to the UK for surgery to save his arms.

Kirill Tereshin has been dubbed ‘Popeye’ after growing 24-inch biceps to go with his otherwise skinny frame.

But his arms are now deteriorating and he’s trying to raise funds to pay for the treatment to save them.

"I used to go to the gym for two years before being called up for military service,” he said, via The Sun.

“In the army, I was worried that I would have a hard time and lose weight so I decided to try synthol oil.

"When I finished military service, I began to transform myself and did everything at home.

“My mum was very worried about what I was doing, but we are okay now that she knows synthol can be removed.

Treatment costs £37,760

"In the beginning, I wanted to inject synthol oil into other parts of my body, but then the problems started and I stopped using it.”

Tereshin, 22, was warned by doctors earlier this year that his arms may be amputated.

The synthol injections reportedly caused tissue fibrosis and necrosis. His health was seriously affected and he apparently collapsed while taking part in a music video shoot.

Tereshin is now trying to raise the money to pay for treatment that will remove the synthol oil from his arms.

“At the moment, my arms are in a bad state and are reddening,” he added.

"I have launched a fundraiser to see a doctor in Europe for treatment that costs around 3 million RUB (£37,760).

"I would love to go the UK for it, but the most important thing is that the treatment is successful."

Those arms genuinely look like they're about to pop.

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