WWE names The Undertaker and Roman Reigns tag team 'Graveyard Dogs'


The Undertaker and Roman Reigns will team up for the first time this weekend at Extreme Rules, and WWE has created some special t-shirts and has given the team an interesting name ahead of the event.

At Extreme Rules, The Deadman and The Big Dog will take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in a tag team match.

This will be the first time Undertaker and Reigns share the ring since their match at WrestleMania 33, and WWE is remembering the occasion with a special t-shirt.

WWE released a new t-shirt on their store this week for the tag team of The Undertaker and Reigns, giving them the tag team name of Graveyard Dogs.

The shirt has the phrase 'We Run This Yard' on the front with two dogs with dog tags of The Big Dog and The Deadman.

On the back on the shirt, the tag team name Graveyard Dogs can be seen with the names of The Undertaker and Roman Reigns as well.


Funnily enough, the shirt actually won't be released on the WWE shop until July 17, which is after Extreme Rules takes place this Sunday.

Could this be an indication that the Graveyard Dogs tag team is destined to be together for more than just one match? It's too early to tell, so we'll have to wait and see.

However, it's odd that WWE would be making a shirt for a tag team that's only together for one match too, so perhaps the fact that the shirt is being produced is a sign that Graveyard Dogs won't just be one and done.


Local advertising in the Toronto area is promoting The Undertaker vs McIntyre for SummerSlam, but it hasn't been confirmed yet by WWE.

As for Reigns, there is no word yet as to what WWE has planned for him at their second biggest show of the year, so a second Graveyard Dogs match could very well be still on the cards for him.

The Deadman and The Big Dog are expected to win their match at Extreme Rules this Sunday too, so Graveyard Dogs could get off to a strong start as WWE's newest tag team.

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