Barcelona release video on Griezmann signing entitled 'life is about second chances'


Barcelona have finally announced the signing of Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid.

After missing out on him last summer and looking like the same could happen this time around, the Blaugrana finally got their man.

Ernesto Valverde's side activated the Frenchman's €120m release clause which came into play on July 1.

Atletico are still contesting that the clause was actually worth €200m, but more news on that is expected to come in the next week or so.

For now, Barca have their man and he is one that will take their already star-studded attack to another level next season.

But one thing that will concern the Blaugrana is Griezmann's relationship with the fans.

They're not exactly fond of the Frenchman after his theatrics last summer, where he released a documentary to confirm that he was signing a new deal with Atletico - it was called 'The Decision'

As such, Barca have pretty much released an apology video on their official Twitter account entitled 'Life is all about second chances'.

Yes, we're serious and you can watch it below.


Griezmann says "My father taught me as a child that trains do not pass only once. Now it’s time to take on the challenge of a new destination. Finally, our paths cross. I’ll defend the Barça colors with all my determination and commitment. It’s our time. This is our path.”

Have you ever seen a team do that on the day a huge transfer is announced? Probably not.

The Griezmann sagas have been some of the most dramatic in football history and the latest one is sadly shows no signs of slowing down despite Barca actually announcing the deal.

Atletico are challenging the transfer and are furious with Barca's conduct throughout negotiations.

Griezmann has signed for Barcelona

Don't be surprised if this one gets ugly, with Barca facing serious consequences if they are found to have agreed a deal before July 1.

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