Piers Morgan blasts ’arrogant’ Megan Rapinoe after video of her signing fan’s ball emerges

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Megan Rapinoe was the star of this summer’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The 34-year-old was crowned the tournament’s best player after scoring six goals - the joint-highest tally alongside Ellen White and Alex Morgan - and helping the United States win their fourth World Cup title in the process.

She also made headlines for her actions off the pitch, too.

Rapinoe was involved in a very public war-of-words with none other than US President Donald Trump, who was angered by the footballer’s comments about potentially visiting the White House if they won the World Cup.

"I ain't going to the f***ing White House,” she told reporters.

This prompted Trump to post a series of tweets in response, telling Rapinoe that she “should WIN first before she TALKS! Finish the job.”

He also accused Rapinoe of disrespecting America with her comments.

However, Rapinoe went on to have the last laugh by helping the US finish the job in spectacular fashion.

She now finds herself firmly in the limelight, as the face of this hugely popular and successful US women’s national soccer team.

Another high-profile figure who isn’t a particularly big fan of Rapinoe’s is Piers Morgan.

The Good Morning Britain host has hit out at the Reign FC star on numerous occasions in recent weeks, criticising her ‘arrogance’.

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And on Saturday morning, after ABC posted a video of Rapinoe signing a young fan’s football, Morgan once again hit out at the US woman-of-the-moment on Twitter.

“Wow. Doesn’t even look at him.. such an arrogant piece of work,” Morgan tweeted.


Indeed, Rapinoe could have at least looked at the kid, in fairness.

But we don’t know the full story. Maybe she engaged with him before or afterwards and the video doesn’t show it.


Rather than give her the benefit of the doubt, though, Morgan has once again gone in hard on the World Cup winner.

As you can probably imagine, Morgan’s criticism of Rapinoe has divided opinion…

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