Bayley dodges question about WWE superstars not having their own union


WWE has been preparing themselves for their partnership with Fox Sports when SmackDown Live moves to FS1 later this year by sending superstars to be interviewed by Kristine Leahy on her show, Fair Game.

Paige and Becky Lynch have already been interviewed by Leahy, and Bayley has now followed suit. However, their interview touched on an interesting subject in WWE, unions.

Kristine asked the SmackDown Women's Champion to tell her 'the first things fans would be surprised to know about life on the road,' to which Bayley gave a traditional an unsurprising answer.

The Hugster told the Fair Game host that superstars usually finish a show, get a rental car, and drive through the night through strange towns to get to the next show, something which many wrestling fans know, but not Leahy.

Kristine was surprised to find out that superstars don't have their own transport sorted out for them after putting in the hard work in the ring and suggested that they should start their own union.

Bayley, however, defended WWE by saying it would be very tough for them to do that for 30 superstars five days a week. Leahy wasn't buying it though. Here's how their conversation unfolded.

Bayley: "Well, no. We do it five days a week, so they can’t do that for 30 Superstars five days a week."

Leahy: "I don’t know, I think they make a lot of money off you guys."

Bayley: "I think so too, but you know. They take care of us for most things..."


Leahy: "Do you want me to negotiate you guys’ new CBA [collective bargaining agreement]? Do you have a CBA?"

Bayley: "No, but..."

Leahy: "Let’s make one."

Bayley: "You know what - things like this, they work around it. But it’s fun though..."

Leahy: "Ok."

Bayley: "It does become fun because you get to connect with whoever you travel with, and there’s memories you won’t have with anybody else and it becomes like a real family sisterhood or brotherhood."

The original clip was posted by the show’s Twitter account and quote-Tweeted by Leahy, but these have both since been deleted.

In all likelihood, the host’s bosses at Fox and their counterparts at WWE clearly didn’t know about or approve it in advance. Bayley dodged a bullet in that sense then by giving a very strong corporate answer to the topic of WWE treating their superstars better.

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