Batista's favourite WWE match was vs Rey Mysterio at a house show in Mexico


Batista produced many great matches during his time as an active superstar in the WWE against various opponents and on the smallest and biggest stages possible.

The Animal has wrestled against Triple H in the main event of WrestleMania, to facing fellow evolution brother Randy Orton, to competing at the top of the card against John Cena.

However, for the man himself, his favourite match of his career will surprise WWE fans, as it came during a house show.

Before leaving WWE for the first time in 2010, Batista had a house show match in Mexico against one of his best friends in the business, Rey Mysterio.

Speaking on the Talk is Jericho podcast, The Animal stated he wanted to have a match against The Master of the 619 because it was his last chance to work against him as a heel in Rey's home country. 

He said, via Wrestling Inc: "It was with Rey Mysterio at a house show in Mexico. I begged and pleaded to get this match.

"We weren't set up to work each other, but I was leaving the company, it was 2010-ish, I was really hot as a heel at this point and I felt it was my last chance to work Rey as a heel in Mexico, it's the dream. We went and gave them a pay-per-view match.

"We went back and got a standing ovation. Rey kicked out of my finish, we gave them every bell and whistle we could think of. That's what I wanted my career to be.

"I gave them their hero. I was really proud of that match."


Unfortunately, we couldn't find any footage of the match to see for ourselves just how awesome the match was.

The fact Rey kicked out of Batista's Batistabomb is pretty cool and it probably received a huge pop from the Mexican crowd.

It could be one of those matches that is lost forever and only those who were in attendance at the house show in Mexico will ever witness.

While Mysterio is still performing in WWE today, Batista has now retired from the ring following his match with Triple H earlier this year at WrestleMania 35.

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