Fisherman catches eight foot shark after battling with it for 105 minutes

The UK finishing scene is booming at the moment and has only got better after a huge Porbeagle Shark was caught off the coast of Portland, Dorset.

The relatively rare sized shark was a whopping 133kg (21st), making it a seemingly impossible catch for one loan fisherman.

But after battling with it for an hour and 45 minutes, 41-year-old Adam Carter caught the 2.4 metre (8ft) beast.

It is documented that the UK has never seen this species any larger than 8ft.

The man with the rod is not a fisherman by trade, but a plasterer who commits to fishing whenever he possibly can and to good effect.

On his battle with the beast, Carter said, as per LadBible: “It took almost two hours to reel her in. She started off quite tame, but I don’t think she realised what was going on.

“Then after 10 minutes she started to play hard and we struggled to hold it. For an hour and 45 minutes she was spinning the boat with runs over 200 metres.”

This isn’t the first good catch in the UK over the past year, with the size of the sea creatures seemingly rising considerably too.

Talking about this remarkable recent rise of the fish in UK waters, he added: “Shark fishing is the best I have known it in terms of the number and sheer size of them.

“Now they are not being commercially fished for, we are seeing more and more of them off Dorset.”

If you don’t know what a Porbeagle is, perhaps you’d be more familiar with its much more feared relative, the Great White Shark.

The infamous killer has also been seen a lot more than usual just off the coast of Britain.

It wasn’t just luck too, as his friend on the same fishing trip managed to catch the shark also known as Lamna nasus weighing 88kg (14st).

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