A brilliant Twitter account has been made to showcase the best of Chris Eubank

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Both in and out of the ring, it is fair to say that Chris Eubank is a pretty well-loved sporting personality due to his eccentric and crazy character that can leave us all speechless.

The former professional boxer competed from 1985 to 1998, holding the WBO middleweight and super-middleweight titles during his career and was voted by BoxRec as the third best British boxer of all time.

But Eubank's desire to entertain has extended beyond the ring after his sporting career, with an appearance in 'Celebrity Big Brother' way back in 2001, and more recently, with an appearance on 'I'm a Celebrity' in 2015.

And it now seems that his fans have taken it upon themselves to keep some of his best public moments alive, with the creation of a genius Twitter account in dedication to the man himself.

Though the account was only created on July 9, it already has 33 tweets as of today that cover his funniest quotes and most memorable moments in front of the camera on a multitude of shows.

Appropriately named 'Out Of Context Chris Eubank', the account is full of priceless snippets of Eubank at his random, eccentric best.

"We have to be the nuts. We have to be the b*llocks," is followed by "Preach it! Preach! Carry on preaching!"

Then there's the "That's classic. My potato fell into my lemonade" on 'I'm a Celebrity' and then the whole weird dancing-without-being-asked-to thing at Wimbledon.

The pinned tweet is of course a petition to cast Eubank as the next James Bond - I mean, why not?

It's arguably the funniest, and definitely the most perplexing collection of videos you will watch today, and you can find it right here. As he would say himself: Stupendous.

To see all the out of context videos, head here > twitter.com/NoContextEubank

Trust us, it will be worth it!

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