R-Truth wins the 24/7 Championship for ninth time in Drake Maverick's hotel room

R-Truth has won the 24/7 Championship for the ninth time

The 24/7 Championship has had a quiet two weeks, but R-Truth's pursuit of his 'baby' has finally paid off again.

Ever since Drake Maverick walloped Truth over the head with a suitcase two weeks ago on Raw, the title has not changed, with Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle on the run.

Despite Truth chasing the 205 Live GM all around New Jersey last week, the belt would not switch hands, but last night was a new episode of Raw and another chance for Truth to reclaim his pride and joy.

And WWE would go out of the arena once again to create some quality entertainment.

In recent weeks we've seen Maverick mentioning that he has yet to 'consumate' his marriage, such is his fascination with the 24/7 Title.

But we saw the pair check into a hotel 'near the arena' where WWE were in Long Island, New York and fans had to witness Maverick in nothing but his 24/7 Title round his waist.

R-Truth has reclaimed the 24/7 Championship once again - his ninth run with the title

And just as it looked like Drake was going to seal the deal on his marriage, Truth snuck into the room underneath a champagne cart, which was guided into the room by a WWE referee.

With Maverick panic-stricken and frantically searching the room, Truth snuck out and only got an initial two-count, before mounting Maverick and becoming the nine-time champion.

WWE is partial to a hotel room segment once in a while - who could forget John Cena absolutely brutalising Edge in 2006, and Lana coaxing Enzo Amore in 2006?

But this one was pure comedy, and Truth does comedy better than anyone in the business.

You have to give WWE some credit - they've done some of these segments brilliantly, and Truth v Maverick is genuinely one of the best rivalries that the company has going right now.

One can only wonder where the next location will be for a title change...

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