Remembering Tyson Fury's stand-up comedy effort for Sport Relief in 2012

Boxing at Hillsborough Leisure Centre

Tyson Fury is one of the most feared heavyweights in the world, with many claiming that he is the best around at the moment.

In 2012, however, Fury swapped the ring for the stage and attempted to knock his audience out with a comedy routine for Sport Relief.

Despite what his entertaining press conferences may suggest, the Gypsy King's material was more cringeworthy than hilarious to begin with.

Before being coached by comedian Daniel Sloss, the 6'9" boxer showcased his untapped comedic potential in front of his family.

Fury opened his act by saying: "Hello everybody, I'm Tyson Fury, and I know what you're thinking, 'yes, he's f"cking goregous'."

The joke was met with complete and utter silence before some of the heavyweight's family offered some sympathy laughs.

Fury then continued: "Some people say I'm like Brad Pitt but a better looking version. 6'9" version you know."

His follow-up joke drew puzzled expressions from the audience who were clearly not entertained by the former heavyweight champion's self-deprecating humour.

Feeding off the audience's reaction, Fury switched his tactic and went on the offensive. Turning his attention to the select group of friends and family, Fury said: "There's a guy in the front with a haircut like a pair of curtains!"

This one liner drew a laugh from the other spectators, but they weren't spared from Fury's roast. He went on to tell one family member: "Don't know what you're laughing at with a haircut like that! When are you getting it finished?"

After his practice set, his comedy coach advised him not to lean into the audience too much, with his family helpfully adding that, although he was on the right lines, he needed to be funnier.

But after a bit of training and preparation, Fury took to the stage in front of a live audience to test out his new material. This time the audience were much more responsive and did laugh wholeheartedly.

One joke that landed particularly well was at the expense of former British heavyweight Audley Harrison. Fury said: "I heard they asked Audley Harrison to come on the show tonight but he refused. He said 'me stand up for three minutes? You must be joking!'"

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