Daniel Bryan refused to make his 'career-altering' announcement on SmackDown Live

Daniel Bryan refused to make his planned announcement on SmackDown

Since his return to the ring well over a year ago now, Daniel Bryan has done his best to put superstars over, as well as gain some success himself.

Despite a near five-month reign as WWE Champion, Bryan has taken his fair share of losses and this Sunday was no different at Extreme Rules.

Bryan and Rowan dropped their SmackDown Tag Team Championships to The New Day, who began their sixth reign as the title holders, and it was D-Bry who got pinned.

Rowan is being extremely protected for some reason, and the amount of falls Bryan has been taking makes it look impossible to see him as a main event player anytime soon.

Nevertheless, the former SmackDown GM teased a 'career-altering' announcement, not only for himself but for the whole of WWE, in a post-Extreme Rules interview.

Did it happen though? Absolutely not.

After all three members of New Day came out to celebrate their exploits at Extreme Rules, Bryan appeared on the stage with Rowan and looked set to make his statement, but almost had a teary, aggressive look in his face.

Daniel Bryan teased a big announcement on SmackDown - then failed to deliver on his promise

Twice he walked to the back without saying anything, and then when he re-appeared for the third time, he simply dropped the microphone and departed, without saying a word whatsoever.

Considering WWE heavily advertised a 'career-altering' announcement, it looks like the bait-and-switched the fans - it wouldn't be the first time in recent times that they have done that.

Fans of Bryan who tuned in just for that would have been extremely disappointed at the outcome, and who could blame them?

There's a slight chance that WWE are playing the long game and are simply waiting another week or so for him to say his piece, and maybe they can play off him being angry for losing his title a few days prior.

But it isn't a good look when it looks like WWE are straight-up lying to their fans with advertisements like this.

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