There's a petition for FIFA 20 soundtrack to include the greatest songs from FIFA 10 to FIFA 19


There’s just something about those old FIFA soundtracks.

Hits like ‘Kids’ by MGMT (FIFA 09), Moby’s ’Bodyrock’ (FIFA 2001) and ‘Helicopter’ by Bloc Party (FIFA 06) made the experience that much more enjoyable.

If you want to listen to some of those classics, a Spotify playlist has been created that features the best songs from FIFA 98 to FIFA 19.

And the UK’s biggest chart show Big Top 40 attempted to rank the greatest FIFA soundtrack songs of all time.

It’s clear that FIFA soundtracks have attracted a cult status and one fan wants all of the bangers from previous editions to be included in FIFA 20. user Franq duexer has started a petition calling for EA Sports to feature the classics from FIFA 10 to FIFA 19 in the upcoming edition, set to be released on September 27.

"Who doesn't get [a] wave of nostalgia when they hear bangers of FIFA 13 or FIFA 11?" the FIFA fan wrote.


'EA please... do it for us'

"Who doesn't smile when those great songs from Rock Maffia [sic], Bastille or Crystal Fighters play.

“Who doesn't get memories of great summer times when hearing 'On Our Way?'

"FIFA has played a huge part in our childhood, in fact this year it has been around for 20 seasons, isn't that amazing?

"A lot of us grew up with the game and it's music. FIFA 20 is an amazing milestone, it should be something special, for all of us.

"I know EA has to make money, I know they get a lot of money from their music but after all those years of us helping them, spending on the game and supporting it unconditionally get at least something back to relive to great old days.

"EA please add the best songs of the last 10 FIFA games or of all FIFA games to the FIFA 20 soundtrack. Do it for us.

“Kind regards, everyone.”

With EA Sports losing the licensing rights to Juventus, meaning they will be called ‘Piemonte Calcio’ in FIFA 20, something like this would help keep the fans on side.

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