YouTuber Logan Paul confirms he will fight KSI in boxing rematch in Los Angeles

Last year, the Manchester Arena saw home to one of the biggest internet fights in history.

Youtubers, Logan Paul and KSI took to the ring in a six-round bout to settle who was the best.

The clash ended with a majority draw, but a rematch is now on the cards on US soil as both Youtubers look to take the belt.

The much anticipated bout is set to take place in LA – with venues The Forum and Staples Centre being those in contention.

As you can imagine, the trash talk has begun and it’s hard not to love it.

Logan Paul began the war of words in an interview with TMZ, dishing out the digs early on at his British nemesis.

“KSI’s a bitch, bro! I mean it!

“looks like a f***ing meatball right now.”

“I’m a jokes guy but don’t sleep on the bad motherf***** inside me.

Charming as ever from the US YouTube sensation.

Controversary has followed the LA star in recent times following unethical footage of a hanging man in Japan’s notorious ‘suicide forest’, in January last year.

The video was taken down, and Paul took a serious hit in followers and respect.

Nonetheless, Paul has seemed to redeem his reputation and a second showdown with KSI – Olajide William Olatunji – will be sure to get the ratings.

Watford born ‘KSI’ shot to fame with FIFA videos back in the day, but it seems he’s changed gear in his pursuit of internet dominance.

The star wants a return to the UK, but with the previous fight being held here already – Paul may not be convinced.

“Whenever it was in the UK the fight actually got sorted.

“As soon as it’s in the US, nothing f***ing happens. I’m bored now.

“So let’s have this rematch in the UK already cos you know and everyone else knows you lost the fight that night @LoganPaul.”

The Englishman beat fellow star Joe Weller, 90 seconds into the third round in a bout last February, showing he’s the real deal.

That being said, Logan Paul is a man of incredible physique and could see out the rematch in victorious style once the stage in set.

With the previous fight said to be one of the biggest in YouTube history – this is surely set to top it.

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