Roy Englert, 96, breaks his category's record for running 5k


A 96-year-old has smashed the existing 5k world record for his category by almost eight minutes. 

Roy Englert of Springfield, Virginia, completed the distance in a remarkable 42:30.23. 

It sets a new benchmark, replacing the old record of 50:10.56, which was set by Frank Levine and stood for a decade. 

The race is open to men between 95-99. 

“It’s fun. It’s not fun while you’re doing it, but it’s fun when you’re finished,” Englert told Run Washington. 

 “It’s hard work, actually.

“I don’t consider myself that much of an inspiration. I’m a slow runner.

“But I guess I’ve outlasted almost everybody. It gets easier to win when there’s not as much competition around.”

The veteran runner originally worked as a lawyer and now lives in a retirement community.  

That allows him to utilise the facility's treadmill, on which he practices two or three miles around three times a week, occasionally upping the distance as a competition approaches. 

Just to confirm to the rest of us that there is absolutely no excuse when there are 96-year-olds out there breaking world records. 

Remember the 103-year-old, Julia 'Hurricane' Hawkins who recently made headlines with her own history-making efforts in the 100-metre dash? You can read about her extraordinary story here.

If anything, Englert's is even more astonishing, despite being seven years her junior, because running 5k at any age can be pretty strenuous for the body. 

He achieved his latest feat at the USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, which was taking place at the Cyclone Sports Complex in Ames, Iowa. 

While his record is still awaiting official approval from the USATF, it seems unlikely it will be overruled especially as it was obtained by such a margin. 

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