Lyon's new signing, Eli Wissa, doesn't look 16-years-old


What were you doing when you were 16-years-old?

Studying for your GCSE’s? Planning your first holiday away from your parents? Drinking alcohol underage in a park?

More to the point, what did you look like at that age?

Gelled spiky hair? Acne? Terrible fashion?

Well, Eli Wissa isn’t your average 16-year-old.

Not only has he just signed a three-year professional contract with Lyon, but he also looks far older than his age suggests.

Don’t believe us?

Just take a look:

He must have had a pretty tough paper-round.

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Upon signing, Wissa insisted that former Lyon striker - and current Real Madrid star- Karim Benzema is his idol.

"I am very happy and even moved for making my family and all my loved ones proud," he said.

"OL is a very big club that I have always followed. It's a great satisfaction to wear the Lyon colours. I want to be as decisive as possible this season and get on with the pros quickly. Karim Benzema is a reference for me."


Wissa isn’t the only youngster that looks a lot older than he actually is.

Last month, Sevilla’s Ibrahima Sow went viral.

Sow is just 12-years-old and stands at a crazy 1.75m tall.

Having such a height advantage over his opponents, it’s perhaps not too surprising that he scored 29 times last season.


Then there was Romelu Lukaku.

At the age of 13, the Belgian striker is pictured towering over his opponents - and even the referee - when he was a young teenager.


Of course, being so tall at such a young age doesn't necessarily mean they're destined for success but it certainly gives them a big advantage.

Whether Wissa can make a name for himself at Lyon remains to be seen.

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