Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores perfect hat-trick as LA Galaxy beat LAFC 3-2

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles Galaxy

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had plenty to say ahead of La Galaxy’s clash with LAFC.

The 37-year-old appeared to disrespect the whole of the MLS by suggesting he was a Ferrari surrounded by Fiats.

"MLS is not the level of Europe, to be honest. Before, I played with players either on my level or close to it which makes the game connect easier," he said.

"Here, I am like a Ferrari among Fiats. And it can happen that the Ferrari can become the Fiat, or the Fiat can become the Ferrari. I had the same issue with the national [Swedish] team, though not as much."

"I don't accept it. I don't accept when the ball doesn't arrive, or arrives too late. I want them to come up to my level. All of this makes me slow down a bit.”

The Swede has constantly said that he is the best player in the league but one brave reporter decided to question that.

With LAFC’s Carlos Vela having scored more goals than him this season, the interviewer suggested that the Mexican may actually be better than him.

Big mistake.

Zlatan claimed he was still “by far” better than Vela.

“By far, because if he's in his prime... How old is he? Twenty-nine?” he replied.

"And he's playing in MLS and he's in his prime. When I was 29 I was in Europe. Big difference."

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles Galaxy

After all of his talking off-the-pitch, Zlatan then did his talking on the pitch as his LA Galaxy side took on Vela’s LAFC side.

Galaxy ran out 3-2 winners with Ibrahimovic scoring an incredible perfect hat-trick - his first being an absolute stunner. Incidentally, Vela scored the two goals for LAFC.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Zlatan pushed over an opponent during his celebration after his third goal, called the coach of LAFC a ‘little b**ch’ and said this after the match: “You did one mistake, you compare him [Vela] to me. That was your biggest mistake.”

Never change, Zlatan.

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