Seth Rollins thinks Wild Card rule will 'tighten down' once SmackDown moves to Fox


Ever since it was introduced, the Wild Card rule has been one of the most polarizing rule changes in WWE in recent times. 

On one side, fans enjoy the Wild Card rule as it provides matches originally deemed impossible over recent years due to the roster split between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live.

On the other hand, the Wild Card rule usually has the same superstars appearing on Raw and SmackDown every week, resulting in some stars hardly getting even a backstage promo in on their own show for weeks.

During a recent interview with Newsweek, Seth Rollins was asked his thoughts on WWE's Wild Card rule.

While he too enjoys seeing superstars on different brands lock up in the middle of the ring, he believes the Wild Card rule will 'tighten down' once SmackDown moves to Fox later this year.

He said: "The Wild Card really muddled things up, to be honest with you. Now you're seeing those guys every single week.

"It used to feel special when I see the New Day but now they're eating pancakes backstage every chance they get on Monday and I'm not a fan of that. But no, it's great that there's so much talent across both brands.

"I think once you see the move to Fox it's really going to tighten down as far as best Wild Card options and stuff like.


"It's really cool to see things come together now and get these cool match-ups you might not get in October or November."

Fox is investing a lot of money into their deal with WWE for SmackDown's broadcasting rights. It would therefore be unsurprising if they want to make it as different as possible to Raw.

As a result, it would also be unsurprising if Fox makes the call to limit as many Wild Card moves as possible for SmackDown superstars appearing on Raw in order to make themselves the exclusive home of the blue brand stars.

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