The Hurricane tried to capture the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth at San Diego Comic Con

The Hurricane tries to pin R-Truth at Comic Con

Since the initial inception of the title, the 24/7 Championship has gone from strength to strength.

There was a negative reaction at first, but with the help of R-Truth and hilarious storylines, the belt has become one of the main talking points of WWE right now.

Just look at the numbers that accompany the segments - Truth bursting into Drake Maverick's hotel room to re-capture the title achieved the second-highest numbers on YouTube for Raw segments two weeks ago.

Maverick was once only a General Manager of 205 Live, but his forward thinking and creativity impressed WWE bosses, who have made him a focal point on Monday nights.

He and Truth's rivalry has taken them to his own wedding, and more recently a hotel room where Maverick was trying to 'consummate' his marriage.

And it continued this weekend with an added factor - a WWE legend was also chasing Truth down.

Carmella told Truth on SmackDown last week that they were heading to Comic Con in San Diego, but Maverick would end up following them.

The Hurricane tried to win R-Truth's 24/7 Title at Comic Con

He wouldn't be the first man to try and take the 24/7 Title off Truth though, with iconic early 2000's character The Hurricane interrupting Truth's interview with IGN.

And when Truth accused The Hurricane and referee John Cone of being fans who had dressed up, the man who is known backstage as Shane Helms tried the typical 24/7 Title roll-up on Truth.

When that attempt failed though, The Hurricane quickly scarpered and didn't even try to pin Truth again - and that's when Maverick intervened in a chicken costume and failed again.

WWE are really going outside the box when it comes to these segments, and you have to wonder with Raw Reunion coming up tomorrow if any legends will be trying to strip Truth of his 'baby'.

The likes of Santino Marella and The Boogeyman are scheduled to appear - and you can imagine several men will be chasing Truth around Tampa trying to stop his ninth reign.

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