Live event attendances were better with Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion than Seth Rollins in 2019

Jinder Mahal

Seth Rollins' first stint as Universal Champion ended last week after a three-month reign.

And it was ended by the very man he stopped at WrestleMania 35.

Dirty tactics saw Rollins capture Raw's world title at MetLife Stadium back in April, with a lowblow to the Beast Incarnate proving deadly.

After months of feuding with Baron Corbin though, his nemesis Lesnar would return at Extreme Rules last week with a vengeance, and he came armed with his Money In The Bank contract.

Extreme Rules saw Rollins and his girlfriend Becky Lynch in the main event against Corbin and Lacey Evans, where a packed-out crowd in Philadelphia only became that when WWE put ticket offers on to boost the attendance.

The previous pay-per-view - Stomping Grounds - which Rollins and Corbin main evented, saw a miserly attendance of just 4,500 in a 23,000-seater arena, with a lot of tarp covering the arena seats that were not being used.

It's become quite the norm for Raw and SmackDowns to have tarp over the seats nowadays but you'd never know as WWE cameras cleverly don't show it.

Seth Rollins' Universal Championship reign did not produce great numbers for WWE

It would suggest that attendances have been very low recently, and stats have come out to show where Rollins' reign stands with other world champions in WWE history when it comes to live events in the United States.

The Twitter account 'nWoWolfpacTV's stats show that events Rollins performed at as champion 'estimated 53,350 fans over 16 shows for a 3,334 average'.

Shockingly that's a lower average attendance than shows Jinder Mahal competed on during his lambasted reign as WWE Champion in 2017, which had an average of 3,497 fans attend.

With the current Raw brand that Rollins competes on having a much stronger roster than 2017 SmackDown, it's surprising to see these numbers, but maybe it's telling that WWE's ticket prices are far too high for what they are offering.

Even more interesting is that Kofi Kingston looks to be the fourth-lowest drawing WWE Champion in history when it comes to domestic live events, averaging just 2,940 spectators.

Does this mean Jinder Mahal should be given another run as WWE Champion?

Probably not, but the numbers do give some interesting food for thought - live event attendances in the States are clearly getting no better and something clearly need to change.

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