Video emerges of Cristiano Ronaldo 'bullying' Gerard Pique throughout his career


For defenders, Cristiano Ronaldo is quite simply the stuff of nightmares.

You only need to look at the fact he scored 450 goals in just 438 appearances for Real Madrid to understand why the Portuguese is considered the greatest goal-scorer in history.

He is quite literally the complete forward and through his notorious hard work, Ronaldo has turned himself into a serial winner with both his clubs and on an individual level.

The 34-year-old's decision to move to Juventus last summer was widely admired but, even with his continued brilliance, everybody knows that his peak performances came at the Bernabeu.

And it's credit to Ronaldo that he managed to win so many trophies with Los Blancos when even domestic competitions had them pitted up against legendary Barcelona sides.

Ronaldo's Real Madrid days

Sure, there were occasions where the Blaugrana came out on top, but Ronaldo had his fair share of triumphant moments at Camp Nou and in El Clasico matches in general.

That in turn means that a certain Gerard Pique has had to deal with Ronaldo a lot over the years and in spite of his experience, there have been no shortage of hairy moments.

Pique will rightfully be considered one of the greatest defenders of his era, but Ronaldo seemed to have his number in Spain and managed to turn him from world-class to Sunday League.


Four minutes of Ronaldo bullying Pique

It's a difficult feat, but one that Ronaldo accomplished on so many occasions that an entire video has now documented him 'bullying' Pique.

And the evidence is certainly damning with Ronaldo beating him with outrageous heel flicks and sending him in to slide tackles for ball that have long disappeared.

The full video - originally compiled by Slizhenkov - can be seen down below and will probably give Real Madrid fans a much needed injection of nostalgia.

Imagine being so good that you can make a world-class defender look average that many times in one career. Ronaldo truly is something special.

It's some of the more 'old school' Ronaldo example where he calls upon skills that do the most damage and it makes it look as though Pique is doing yoga.

There are even examples where Ronaldo has done the business during Spain vs Portugal games, so Pique might not have escaped his wrath just yet. 


Barcelona fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed that any compilations aren't extended to six minutes if they go head-to-head with Juventus in the Champions League.

Do you think Ronaldo is the greatest player in history? Have your say in the comments section below.

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