Justin Rose hits 'worst shank ever' on final day of The Open


It appears that not even English weather could prepare Justin Rose for the final round of The Open's torrential downpour.

Bad weather affects all players, but none suffered as much as Rose while hitting his third shot to the par-four ninth hole; catching the ball on the hosel and sending it sideways.

Rose went on to the course on Sunday seven strokes off the leading player, needing a dramatic change in fortunes if he was to have any chance of winning a second major title.

In his first eight holes of the day, Rose had already suffered three bogeys, with the rain clearly dampening the course and his spirits. 

Even the television cameras were not expecting such a shot, barely managing to catch the ball as it flew off the screen, with one fan jokingly posting that the shot was a "real test of a cameraman's skills."

Immediately after taking the shot, Rose dropped his club and walked away in disappointment.

Viewers of the game seemed to be equally shocked, but also comforted at the display of poor form from the fourth highest ranked player in the world. 

Many spectators shared the view that the shot made them feel 'better' and 'normal,' with others reacting more sympathetically towards Rose, with another viewer posting that they 'wouldn't wish the shanks on anybody.'

Watch the shanked shot below.

The shock throughout fans was clear as one user posted that Rose hit "the biggest shank I've ever seen," while another said that it made them think "I could be on tour. I do that s*** all the time."

While Rose arguably made the biggest blunder of the weekend, it is easy to forget that professionals make mistakes all the time.

Earlier in the week, both the winner of the 1991 Australian Open Wayne Riley as well as 1998 Qatar Masters winner Andrew Coltart, made a very similar shot in the Open Zone in the final major of the year. 

It just goes to show that even the best in the business still make mistakes, and while it can be devastating for them, it makes us appreciate the times when we amateurs hit a good shot, all the more. 

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