Orlando Pride's Carson Pickett shared a beautiful moment with young Joseph Tidd

W-League Semi Final - Brisbane v Sydney

Deep down, sport is all about the emotions.

The moments that keep pulling us back are those last minute winners, that emotional comeback, the triumph of an underdog, the result no one expected and the moment of pure brilliance.

However, aside from the flashes of triumph and ecstasy, sport is also a vehicle for reaching out to wider communities and offering a sense of escapism for the thousands of people that watch it.

Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a wonder goal for Juventus is brilliant in itself, but it's also the joy and smiles it then brings to the Turin locals paying out their own wallet to see it.

The same goes for every sport and it can create heartwarming moment that shows how something like kicking a sphere between two posts can be something far more powerful.

Meet Orlando Pride's Carson Pickett

Anyway, we digress, but the whole point of bringing up this topic was to look at a recent example in Florida and particularly Carson Pickett, who is a defender for Orlando Pride.

Yes, we are talking about 'soccer' here and the heartwarming instance game after Pride secured a 1-0 victory over Sky Blue F.C. on Saturday.

Pretty routine thus far, but if anyone is aware of Pickett, then they know that she spent her 25 years on the planet without a left forearm and hand since birth.

W-League Rd 1 - Brisbane v Perth

Pickett meets her No.1 fan

It's certainly a rare condition and one that has a major impact on people's lives, but it hasn't stopped Pickett from becoming an elite athlete and she's been inspiring others over the years.

Enter Joseph Tidd. The two-year-old Pride supporter has the same condition as Pickett, uncannily on the same arm too, and was present for this weekend's victory.

Not only that, but Tidd got the opportunity to meet his error and during a beautiful moment, both player and fan 'dabbed' one another's unique arm.

University of Florida women’s soccer coach Becky Burleigh took a photograph of the moment and it quickly went viral - check out the original tweet down below:

Yes, we do indeed need more of this in our world.

Seeing a professional athlete embracing their difference with a young fan so similar is simply brilliant and will undoubtedly endure as one of the best sporting images of 2019.

It will come as little surprise that the image has been a hit on Twitter and at the time of writing, the photograph has amassed 35,000 'likes' and has been re-tweeted 8,000 times.

The pair had previously met after a game with Portland Thorns in April, where Tidd was seen constantly smiling and Pickett remarked: "We have the same arm!" 

W-League Rd 8 - Brisbane v Western Sydney

For all the problems in sport and negative stories that can arrive, something as human as an athlete interacting with a young supporter is exactly the kind of wholesome moments we need.

What has been your favourite sporting image of the year? Have your say in the comments section below.

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