Seth Rollins says WWE are going to 'knock AEW dead', just like they do everyone else

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is trying his best to be the locker room leader WWE needs in a time of struggle.

It's no secret that ratings and viewership are way down on past years, but it does seem like Vince McMahon is trying to change things.

With the return of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff and the apparent targeting of a teenage demographic, things may be being altered for the better on Raw and SmackDown in the coming months.

Rollins meanwhile has been hitting back at the nay-sayers on social media, and it was just last month where he had to fight the company corner on Twitter.

The Kingslayer continuously called WWE the best wrestling on the planet, which led to an online spat with New Japan star Will Ospreay and Rollins bragging about his bank balance.

There's some new competition though in the United States and their name is All Elite Wrestling.

The likes of Kenny Omega and future WWE Hall of Famer Chris Jericho ply their trade for AEW and they made a huge move in being able to convince the former Dean Ambrose - now Jon Moxley - to join their talented roster.

Seth Rollins had some words directed for Jon Moxley in a recent media call

Rollins commented on AEW during a SummerSlam conference call, and he also made a comment about his long-time friend Jon Moxley.

According to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, Rollins said on the call that WWE are going to 'knock AEW dead - just like they do with everyone else'.

That would suggest that WWE and AEW are actively competing, which would counteract Roman Reigns' recent words that AEW aren't any competition for WWE - but more of an alternative.

About Moxley, Rollins also said that by switching over to AEW that his friend has tried to take 'dinner off his table', but at the same time he is happy for him, despite being surprised at the move.

Rollins doesn't really need to be worrying about AEW trying to put WWE out of business as they've literally only just got started, so it seems like a strange comment.

But it looks like WWE will have that man and locker room leader who will back them to the hilt when someone calls them out - and his name is Seth Rollins.

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