Football fan has sorted every Premier League club into tiers from 'massive' to 'tiny'

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League

Defining the size of a Premier League club will always spark debate.

Newcastle United is always the prime example. Should they be considered a big club because of their massive fan-base, or exactly the opposite because of their yawning trophy drought?

At the other end of the spectrum, Manchester City might be the champions of the realm, but they would fall down in many supporters' estimations for their poor attendances in spite of success.

And while the criteria will always vary from fan to fan, we can probably all agree that it comes down to the overall mythos of the club from attendances, history and overall cultural significance. 

Therefore, as charming and important as clubs like Bournemouth might be, the size of the Vitality Stadium and their absence from the public zeitgeist isn't doing their hopes any good.

The 'size' of Premier League clubs

We could carry on working through the entire Premier League and judge each of their 'sizes', but we're going to dodge the pitchforks by referring to the list of another football fan.

Twitter user @zachareeeeeeee attracted far more attention than he could ever have expected when he used the ranking website 'TierMaker' to discern between English clubs.

The 20 teams have all been broken down into six categories: massive club, huge club, big club, medium-sized club, small club and tiny club.


Ranking every Premier League team

So, yes, it is somewhat inevitable that this particular supporter will cause controversy and the deluge of comments - as well as hundreds of re-tweets and 'likes' - reflect exactly that.

Liverpool and Manchester United are pretty uncontroversial choices at the top, but West Ham will be feeling hard done by as 'small' and we'll let you draw conclusions from City's placings.

Interestingly, Norwich City are only the promoted team to be dumped in the 'tiny' category, while the returning Aston Villa find themselves rubbing shoulders with Tottenham.

However, without further ado, take a look at the full Premier League ranking down below:

Dare we say that the list is almost completely spot on.

Obviously, there's no way of making a completely objective list and most fans would make at least one change, but pleasing the masses is almost nigh on impossible.

At least Newcastle fans can reassure themselves that this particular fan is on their side and only considers the 'traditional top four' as having bigger statuses than their own. 


However, in a world where a 'medium-sized club' is dominating the competition, then it just goes to show that consistent attendances and history simply don't win trophies.

As a result, Liverpool and United fans can pat themselves on the back for now, but they'll be hoping to finish above City once again in the table that matters come May 2020.

What's the biggest club in the Premier League? Have your say in the comments section below.

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