Bray Wyatt attacks Mick Foley at RAW Reunion

Bray Wyatt floors Mick Foley with a Mandible Claw

WWE played host to a huge night of returns last night as RAW Reunion came to Tampa, Florida.

It was obvious that the promise of legends of the sport was a big pull as the crowd was packed to the rafters, with a returning John Cena opening up the show.

And the ending saw Stone Cold Steve Austin raise a toast to every returning legend in the middle of the ring, where we even saw IMPACT-contracted Rob Van Dam for one night only.

There was one man who was not on stage though, and that was Mick Foley.

The Hardcore Legend had appeared earlier on in the night to reminisce over his favourite moments of his career on Monday Night Raw, but was rudely interrupted by challengers chasing the 24/7 Championship - the title he introduced only two months ago.

But he was about to be interrupted by an even greater beast.

As the lights flickered and then cut out, everyone knew who was coming - Bray Wyatt.

His new alter-ego 'The Fiend' attacked Finn Balor last week and looked incredible in the process, but he was about to take an even greater scalp.

Mick Foley was downed by 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt on RAW

Wyatt held the hand that sported the 'hurt' glove to his face, and then proceeded to strike Foley with his own 'Mandible Claw' manoeuvre that he made so famous over the years.

It looked very much like a passing of the torch moment from Foley's 'Mankind' character, who was also very sadistic in his early years before becoming a fan favourite.

And to sell the effects of Wyatt's attack, Foley did not appear with the rest of the legends at the end of show toast - which was exactly the right move.

Bray's new persona has the potential to be an absolute mega-star in WWE, and having icons of the business put him over like this is a great way to get it started.

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