The 24/7 Championship changed hands nine times during RAW Reunion

Alundra Blayze threatens to throw the 24/7 Championship in the trash

There was a feeling that a mass amount of returning legends may be targeting one thing during RAW Reunion - and that was the 24/7 Championship.

And anyone who thought that may be the case turned out to be absolutely right.

The night started out with 205 Live GM Drake Maverick looking to regain his precious title from nine-time champion R-Truth, who had won it back just before Maverick was set to 'consummate' his marriage to Renee Michelle.

Maverick did indeed use the roll-up of doom backstage to defeat Truth, but he was quickly scuppered by The Boogeyman, who scared Maverick so much that it incapacitated him - to the point that Pat Patterson was able to win the title from him.

Patterson became the oldest person to ever win a WWE title, but his reign was quickly ended by his fellow stooge Gerald Brisco, but that would be brief as he would cross Kelly Kelly, who attacked him and took the title for herself.

The madness would continue into the night as Candice Michelle would defeat Kelly with the help of Melina, but her reign would last mere seconds as Alundra Blayze would make Michelle submit.

The Boogeyman made an appearance to scare Drake Maverick out of his 24/7 Championship

And just as Blayze was about to re-create her famous moment from 1995 where she dropped the WWF Women's Championship in a trash can on WCW television, Ted DiBiase was on hand to make her an offer she couldn't refuse.

After giving her a wad of cash to give up the title, it looked like The Million Dollar Man would be leaving Raw as 24/7 Champion.

But after being ambushed in his limousine, DiBiase would lose the belt back to Maverick, who in-turn then dropped it to R-Truth to become a 10-time champion - despite it only being in existence for two months.

It was an absolutely wacky night of action and it will probably be good to have some form of normality resume next week when there's not a host of legends backstage.

The 24/7 Title went FULL comedy for one night only but Truth v Maverick may be the hottest feud in WWE right now - it would be madness for it to not continue.

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