Stone Cold Steve Austin drank lots of beer in the ring after RAW Reunion went off-air

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Some of the most legendary figures in WWE history returned last night for RAW Reunion.

Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels were among the mass amount of former superstars who made their presence felt in Tampa.

But the most star-studded name of them all of course was Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Unlike other WWE Hall of Famers, Austin's appearances really are few-and-far between, with his last showing coming during the 25th anniversary celebrations of RAW in 2018.

That night he delivered a collection of Stone Cold Stunners to both Vince and Shane McMahon, and then disappeared back into the wilderness to his ranch and make his podcasts.

He would not get physical on RAW last night though, instead he would produce a real feel-good moment for everyone in attendance.

Stone Cold thanked all the legends that were at the top of the stage, the backstage crew and the fans, before inviting the former superstars for a beer in the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin shared a beer with his fellow WWE legends at RAW Reunion

It wouldn't be the last beer that Austin drank that night though.

After all the legends made their way to the back, Austin stayed in the ring to the adoration of the fans in attendance.

And with a bunch of coolers full of his Broken Skull IPA beer, there was only one thing left to do - drink them all.

Post-RAW footage shot by WWE show Austin making a fool of himself inside the ring and downing several cans, before making his way up the entrance ramp and drinking more beer on top of the announcers table.

Only Austin will know if he was intoxicated or not, but his actions were hilarious and the fans lapped it up.

He followed up his off-air antics with a hilarious backstage interview where he declared the interview need not 'ride him off into the sunset' and told him his goatee 'looked like s**t'.

Drunk Austin is the best Austin, in-fact it may be the only Austin there ever is, but it's the reason that he continues to get the best reactions whenever he returns to the business.

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