Remembering when Boris Johnson rugby tackled Maurizio Gaudino in a charity game

England v Germany: The Legends

Boris Johnson will become the United Kingdom's new Prime Minister after being elected Conservative Party leader over Jeremy Hunt.

The 55-year-old won 92,153 votes in a ballot of Conservative Party members, while Hunt won 46,656 votes.

He will take over from Theresa May on Wednesday and in his acceptance speech he vowed to "get Brexit done, do or die" by October 31.

"I know there will be people around the place who will question the wisdom of your decision," Johnson added, which is an understatement quite frankly.

Next up for Johnson is to meet with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, form a new government and move into No.10 Downing Street.

But beyond that, who knows what will happen.

The future of the UK regarding Brexit remains up in the air and at this point it's just exhausting talking about it.

The Conservative Party Announces Their New Leader And Prime Minister

So let's talk about something else, like the time Johnson rugby tackled Maurizio Gaudino during a charity game between England and Germany.

This, ladies and gentleman, is our new Prime Minister.

What a moment. Johnson, wearing the famous No.10 shirt, completely wiped out Gaudino to leave the former Germany international in a heap.

Safe to say he'll have a lot more to tackle in the coming months.

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