Dolph Ziggler attacked Shawn Michaels during his appearance on Miz TV on SmackDown

The Miz tends to a stricken Shawn Michaels

RAW Reunion may have been 24 hours prior, but the legends just couldn't stay away as SmackDown Live jetted into Miami.

Well, only one relic of the past made an appearance as Shawn Michaels made his presence felt on the blue brand.

The Heartbreak Kid was supposed to be a special guest commentator for the evening, but that plan was changed and he ended up a part of Miz TV instead, just a day after being involved in DX and The Kliq's helping of Seth Rollins on RAW.

Michaels wasn't interacting with Miz for long though until the segment was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, a long-term rival of the 'A-lister' and a feud that seemingly has been renewed in the last week.

Ziggler declared the legends that appeared on RAW Reunion 'embarrassing' and 'as bad as Goldberg in a wrestling ring', and that HBK's one-off return at Crown Jewel last year was also a joke.

HBK actually agreed that he was embarrassed by that match, despite not doing bad at all, but he had a bomb to drop on Ziggler before the end of the segment.

Michaels told Ziggler he will always be known as a 'second-rate Shawn Michaels wannabe', which popped the crowd BIG-TIME.

Dolph Ziggler gets into a war of words with Shawn Michaels on SmackDown

Ziggler dismissed this notion though, and after Miz ran him down for his entitlement and whatnot, things soon got physical, with HBK ducking a punch and laying Ziggler out with one of his own.

The Heartbreak Kid though would walk straight into a Superkick that he has used for over 20 years as the former World Heavyweight Champion Ziggler got the last laugh.

It seems more likely that we will get Ziggler against Miz at SummerSlam rather than Ziggler against Michaels, but how good would it be if we did get the latter?

After Crown Jewel it's probable that HBK will never return to the ring again, but the fans are still clamouring to see him in the ring and the action on SmackDown was almost a teaser to it potentially happening one day in the future.

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