Hulk Hogan picks John Cena as a superstar who could be a 'breakout star' in WWE

Hulk Hogan

A plethora of legends returned to WWE television on Monday for RAW Reunion, and one of the headline names was Hulk Hogan.

Once black-listed by the company due to comments he made that were offensive to people of colour, Hogan has now returned and has made quite a few appearances in recent times.

He opened up WrestleMania 35 and made a special appearance in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel last November, so you can safely say he is 'back'.

There hasn't been many superstars who have reached the super-stardom that Hogan has in the wrestling business - you can maybe only name The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin as his peers.

When Hogan was asked by ESPN on who could be the next star to breakout in WWE as a big-time player, his response was confusing to say the very least.

"When I see all the young guys coming up it's just hard to tell, because there are so many of them that are fighting to grab that brass ring," said Hogan, per WrestlingInc.

"You've got the 'Scottish Psychopath' [Drew McIntyre] that's running around like a crazy man. Of course you've got AJ Styles. Then you've got Ricochet, who's making an impression on everyone. I'm still betting on Kevin Owens, he's my boy.

"I'm a huge John Cena fan. He's my favourite wrestler. He's doing a lot of movies, so I'm disappointed that I can't throw John Cena back into the picture for the world title."

John Cena has been named by Hulk Hogan as the potential next 'breakout WWE star'...

We're pretty sure the interviewer asked for breakout stars, Hulk, not established ones!

There's every chance he could have gotten his wires crossed or just misheard the question but naming established stars like Cena and Styles is a real bizarre moment.

McIntyre and Ricochet are good picks though, with both have incredible different kinds of upsides - so maybe the Hulkster does know what he's talking about after all.

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