Inter Milan show how new goal-kick rule change will benefit teams this season

Juventus v FC Internazionale - 2019 International Champions Cup

A number of subtle rule changes have been introduced for the 2019/20 season - many of which may take football fans by surprise.

Drop balls, handballs, free-kicks, quick free-kicks and substitutions have all been amended to try and improve the game.

Goal-kicks have changed slightly, too, as Inter Milan showed in their International Champions Cup clash against Juventus on Wednesday.

BBC Sport wrote last month: “Another change involving goalkeepers is to goal-kicks, which can now be played to a team-mate who is inside the penalty area.

“The law now says the ball is considered in play once the kick is taken. Until now a goal-kick had to be retaken if it did not leave the box.

“It could make a big difference to teams like Liverpool and Manchester City, whose defenders could drop into the box to receive a goal-kick from Alisson or Ederson.

“Opponents must still remain outside the penalty area until the kick is taken.”

Inter, now managed by Antonio Conte, tried this out against Juve.


They had two players outfield in the penalty area, allowing goalkeeper Samir Handanovic to complete a short pass.

Despite being pressed high up the pitch, Inter played their way out of trouble and were in the opposing half within seconds.

This shows how the new rule change will benefit teams this season.

No longer do goalkeepers need to play the ball to one of their centre-backs on the byline. It’s far less risky now to play out from the back.

That said, opposing forwards will now be looking to press defenders and the goalkeeper as quickly as possible on the edge of the box.


It’s obvious when the keeper is preparing to make a short pass from a goal-kick, so it will be fascinating to see how opposing teams press in these situations.

It should encourage teams to pass the ball from the back, instead of lumping it as far forward as possible.

But it’s also easy to imagine teams messing up and conceding goals as a result.

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