African football officially has some of the best Man of the Match awards in sport


In the Premier League, we've all become accustomed to Man of the Match trophies.

The best performer in each match used to be awarded a bottle of champagne, but a recent change to plaques - albeit criticised for looking like a shower gel bottle - has been welcomed by all.

And while the accolades can differ across various competitions and sports, it seems as though many have adopted the Premier League's approach with awards of various designs.

However, that certainly isn't the case in numerous African football leagues, where teams seem to take on more of a unique approach and we absolutely love it.

News started to spread this week that Malawian player Hassan Kajoke had been awarded a live chicken for his performance in a 5-0 win for Nyassa Big Bullets.

Chicken reward in Malawi

But all wasn't as it seems with Blackberry Kaira actually being named the star man on the day and Big Bullets' official Facebook page quickly clarified the situation.

They even gave some fascinating insight on rewards and punishments for players, even going as far as revealing that fans have banned them from the team bus before.

The statement explained: "Every winning game, players are motivated with cash, kitchenware, boots, chicken, and soft drinks just to mention a few from supporters.


"Likewise, if the team is not doing well, our audacity to punish players in many ways. A few weeks ago, the players were forced by fans not to use the team bus when the team draw against a team that was considered an underdog."

Ok, sure, so the live chicken was simply a reward as opposed to a full blown MOTM recognition, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been some bizarre accolades on the continent.

Brilliant African MOTM prizes

Mamelodi Sundowns star Hlompho Kekana went viral in January 2018 when he collected 5GB of mobile data - from one of the game's sponsors - for his MOTM display.

It might seem strange compared to European football, but the award is pretty useful in the Rainbow Nation where broadband is notoriously erratic and expensive.

However, that isn't the only seemingly bizarre award in Africa and the news of the mobile data prize sparked a Twitter thread of weird instances below the Sahara.

According to FourFourTwo, you can collect 24 cans of lager from sponsors Castle in Zimbabwe, as well as Adidas sliders in Ghana or even a bucket of groceries in Botswana. 

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As it has been suggested by the recent instance in Malawi, this kind of prize can actually be a real help for players as opposed to essentially useless trophies.

Sure, there's a certain pride in having your named etched on silverware, but who wouldn't appreciate having a MOTM display rewarded with a slew of beers and the weekly shop?

We're not sure it will be catching on in the Premier League anytime soon, but we can't wait to see what other brilliantly inventive awards arrive in Africa.

What's the weirdest MOTM prize that you've ever seen? Have your say in the comments section below.

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