EA Sports announce Pro Clubs is getting much-needed changes in FIFA 20


Ever since it's creation in FIFA 09, Pro Clubs has been a popular game mode.

However, many feel as if the game mode has been neglected by EA Sports for some time.

Pro Clubs doesn't get as much money as their most popular game mode 'Ultimate Team', so updates for it have been few and far between.

But it seems EA Sports have finally taken some time to try and make it better.

And, based on their 'pitch notes' for FIFA 20, it should be vastly improved.

EA Sports are adding a new Avatar system that replaces player creation.

They write: "This feature will bring new ways to design your Virtual Pro's visual characteristics via an improved 4 quadrant axis morphing tool which not only allows you to morph and define each facial feature to your liking, but to also go further than ever with added morphing options and skin tones."

They've also added back a number of positions that your pro can play: LF/RF, LM/RM and LWB/RWB.

A risk/reward system has also been put in place - if you invest in stamina and pace, you will sacrifice other attributes for your pro. 

Your pro will start as an 80 rated player and will progress in Drop In, League, Cup Matches and through player traits.

30 new player traits have been added. Credit: EA.com

30 additional traits have also been added to the new game.

Broadcast features such as replay transition wipes, an on-screen watermark, club banners and a new Pro Clubs logo have also been added.

Goal celebrations have also been changed. Rather than the camera zooming in on the goalscorer, it will now stay zoomed out so you can coordinate custom celebrations with your teammates. 

Two new match types have also been added: House Rules Cups and Practice Match.

House Rules Cups will rotate a match type every day of the week, with a different cup playable each weekend.

Practice Match allows for Clubs to against varied AI difficulties, from beginner to legendary. You will also be given the chance to set the rating of the opposition players.

25 new customisable kits and over 150 crests have also been added. 

New match types have been added. Credit: EA.com

To avoid kit clashes, team captains will now be able to pick what kits their team will see locally for the upcoming match.

A number of bugs have also been tackled.

Taller forwards and midfielders will now be in the wall to face free-kicks, while Clubs can now watch the full celebration when you win a trophy.

It seems this update is a step in the right direction for Pro Clubs.

To view all the changes that have been made to Pro Clubs, click here:

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