Dillian Whyte breaks his silence after failed drug test reports ahead of Oscar Rivas fight

Boxing at The Copper Box Arena

It was confirmed on July 24 that Dillian Whyte tested positive for two banned substances by the UK Anti-Doping agency (UKAD) before his fight on July 20 to Oscar Rivas.

As we all know, Whyte was victorious in said fight on Saturday evening, recovering from a ninth round knockdown to win via unanimous decision.

However, said result has been thrown into jeopardy due to reports of a failed drug test prior to fight night.

However, Whyte himself has just recently tweeted about the incident.

He posted: "I am so disappointed with the rubbish that has been said about me over the last few days. I have lawyers dealing with it and I have been told that I can't talk about it for good legal reasons. I was cleared to fight and I won that fight fair and square. Thanks for the support."

The two substances have now been identified as epimethandienone and hydroxymethandienone metabolites found under the brand name Dianabol.

The substance is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) due to its steroid effects and is not legal in many countries, but is still sold in the UK as a performance enhancer.

The two substances in question are found when the body breaks down Dianabol and metabolises the drug, and when leaving the body, the two drugs are found as those identified in Whyte's sample given to UKAD. 

WADA's ban on the steroid is qualitative, so even if the smallest traces are found it is still flagged as a banned product and as such violates the codes of the agency they fight under. 

The British Boxing Board of Control knew about the tests which found epimethandienone and hydroxymethandienone before the fight, but didn't notify the Rivas team. The fight was allowed to continue despite the relevant bodies knowing about the banned substances. 

The World Boxing Council (WBC) have also published this update on their homepage claiming lack of knowledge about the positive tests prior to the Rivas fight.

“The WBC has not received any notification from anyone about a positive anti-doping test allegedly yielded by Dillian Whyte in connection with last Saturday’s fight against Oscar Rivas for the WBC Interim Heavyweight Championship."

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