Sky Sports' 'Written In The Stars' intro from the early 2010s was the best


No offence to those behind Sky Sports’ intro for the 2018/19 season, but it didn’t exactly give you goosebumps before a big Super Sunday.

It featured all 20 Premier League clubs and gave you a little fact about each - a nickname, their home stadium, how many titles they’ve won, etc.

It featured the Tom Grennan song ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’, which also appeared on the FIFA 18 soundtrack.

A decent intro but not one that will necessarily be remembered in years to come.

There won’t be any online petitions if Sky Sports replace it for the 2019/20 season.

But there is one Sky Sports intro that many of us still miss dearly.

It’s impossible to listen to Tinie Tempah’s 2010 song ‘Written In The Stars’ and not daydream about settling down in front of the TV to watch a Premier League double-header on a Sunday afternoon.


The song choice was absolutely perfect - “seasons come and go” felt like an incredibly apt lyric - while the graphics were also superb.

The golden Premier League lion followed by some of the Premier League’s best players at the time including Steven Gerrard and Robin van Persie all celebrating in slow motion just… worked.

One nostalgic fan posted the video clip on Twitter this week, alongside the caption: “It’s 2012 you’ve had a terrible week you turn on Sky Sports at the weekend to watch the football and see this iconic intro you no longer feel down life’s good again.”

Indeed, for those few hours on a Sunday, you could forget about some of life’s problems and lose yourself in pure football drama.

But @Kylancfc12 isn’t alone in missing this Premier League intro.

Many others would also bring it back in an instance…

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So how about it, Sky?

An updated version with ‘Written In The Stars’ as the track would surely be extremely well received.

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