Prime Mike Tyson vs Prime Deontay Wilder - who would win?

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

We all love a good debate between the greatest athletes of all time; Ronaldo or Messi vs Pele or Maradona, Tendulkar or Lara vs Kohli and De Villiers, and so on.

Boxing Hall of Fame - an account dedicated to providing boxing fans with a wide variety of boxing content - has posed an enticing question which has sparked serious debate.

‘Mike Tyson 1987 vs Deontay Wilder 2019 – what would happen?’

Both heavyweights are notorious for their immense punching power and their out-of-ring antics, so on the face of it, it seems like a fair question to pose.

Mike Tyson was then a three-belt world champion on the verge of becoming a unified champion by beating Michael Sprinks.

Tyson would be stepping into the ring fearless with a feeling of invincibility.

Wilder, on the other hand, would go into the fight with the height advantage and much longer reach.

When both men have an almost inseparable level of power, the longer reach would enable Wilder to keep Tyson’s blows at bay whilst being able to land his own, at a safe distance.

Twelve years separate the two fighters, but age won’t be an advantage to either man as they both would be in their primes.

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Most comments on the thread were in favour of the 21-year-old Mike Tyson, with many boxing fans keeping their response short and sweet.

"Tyson would smash him into next week!"

"Tyson win by KO in round 1!"

However, some boxing fans outlined a case in which it was a more even contest.

"The amount of people who say Tyson by early KO. The same Mike who went 12 with Smith and Tony Tucker. UD decisions with Tillis and Mitch Green. No guarantee he takes out Wilder early. What if that Wilder right hand lands."

"Wilder would go the distance as did Tucker Ruddock and Tillis. Wilder will always have a punchers chance and we already know he has grit and heart. Most of Tyson victims were scared with no heart. Wilder is a warrior. . .Stop the buffoonery"

Whatever your opinion on the debate, the bout would be box-office entertainment. The pre-match build-up would be feisty; The Bronze Bomber talking most of the smack, while Iron-Mike stews for a fight-night explosion. 

It would be an honest fight, with both men exchanging haymakers in the hope to administer a final knee-buckling collapse. 

All-in-all, it would be a mouth-watering spectacle for the ages. 

Similar to Mayweather v McGregor, except, good.

We will continue the debate here- Tyson or Wilder, who’ve you got?

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