Boxing suffers horrific week as deaths and a failed drug test dominate headlines

This week, the boxing world was torn to pieces after the tragic deaths of Hugo Alfredo Santillan and Maxim Dadashev.

Both of the fighters passed away due to injuries from fights against Eduardo Javier Abreu and Subriel Matias respectively.

Moreover, although they passed away as fighters, their deaths have shaken the boxing world and have made many consider the dangers of it.

This is the likes of WBC champion Deontay Wilder, who told BBC: “It makes you think you can go in there and not get out.”

To add to this, boxing promoter Lou DiBella has also come out and stated that he doesn’t want to attend a boxing show because of the recent deaths.

Furthermore, this could be the way going forward as many people are beginning to notice an added danger to boxing.

Following on now to another controversy within the boxing world which is the recent news that Dillian Whyte had tested positive for one of the banned substances by UKAD before his victory over Oscar Rivas last weekend.

So, with the substance found before the fight, should Whyte have been cleared to fight?

Well, since the news broke about the banned substance, it has been cleared up by the man in question himself that he was indeed cleared to fight.

The so-called ‘Body Snatcher’ stated on Twitter: “I was cleared to fight and I won that fight fair and square.”

However, Whyte has been exposed before in 2012 when he was caught for unknowingly taking an illegal supplement and was therefore banned for two years.

So, the fact that Whyte is a previous offender makes it more likely that he could have repeated that very offence. Furthermore, when he was caught in 2012, there were rumours that if caught again, he could face an eight-year ban, which at this point would probably finish his career.

To conclude this week’s boxing round-up, although Whyte has been caught before, could he be innocent this time around? And will a new rule be introduced to prevent any more tragic deaths in the boxing community?

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