Former Man Utd youth player gives fascinating interview about Paul Pogba & Jose Mourinho


What was Jose Mourinho actually like as Manchester United manager? Is Paul Pogba as arrogant as the press make out? And did they even fall out?

United fans have often wondered the answers to those questions and since Mourinho was sacked they've only been given glimpses into the truth.

Well, wonder no more.

In a wide-ranging interview with @FourFourJordan, the founder of AllAboutUnited, a former United youth player has revealed all and it doesn't put Mourinho in a good light.

According to the unknown player, Mourinho never said a word to him and very rarely spoke to United's youth prospects, who he addressed as 'kid'.

Mourinho wasn't very well liked by United's senior players and even though they celebrated when he was sacked, one man who didn't was Pogba.

Apparently Pogba - who is very popular at Carrington and will speak to literally anyone - just had a problem with Mourinho's tactics, not the man himself.



"Despite having been included in close to 15 training sessions under Mourinho, he never said a word to me. The sessions I was involved in were all Kieran McKenna and Michael Carrick. Mourinho rarely spoke.

"Those that he did talk too were called 'kid', rather than by their name like the first-team players, which a lot of the youth players found a bit degrading.

"Mourinho wanted to move all the youth players from the first-team building back to the Under 9-16 area, but the people above him stopped it. We (youth) weren't allowed in the swimming pool or ice bath area if any of the squad from the first-team were there.

Manchester United Training Session

"It didn't feel like a team. The first-team players would eat lunch either on their own or in two's and three's rather than as a collective.

"During international breaks, when the players who weren't selected for their country were still training in Manchester, Mourinho would go on holiday and the players would have to train with us. He would always be on holiday.

"There was a good 8-10 players, such as Ander Herrera, Juan Mata, Luke Shaw, Chris Smalling and Anthony Martial. They were all really professional about it, especially Herrera, who was the most professional player at the club."


"A lot of the senior players didn't like Mourinho. Some of them were bouncing around and laughing after he was sacked. The whole mood around the place changed pretty instantly but nobody expected him to be sacked, and everyone was surprised.

Manchester United v Brighton and Hove Albion - Premier League

"The players you'd expect to be happier, like Martial, were happier. Pogba didn't seem to be, though. I don't think him and Mourinho ever properly fell out. Pogba was just becoming more frustrated with the way the team were playing and the results."


"The narrative that Pogba is bad for the club is untrue, everyone at the club loves him. He will have a conversation with everyone, no matter who you are. Everyone has spoken to him, from the youth team to the cleaners.

Manchester United Training Session

"In training, he would always say 'if you don't know what to do, pass it to me even if I’m marked'. Nobody at the club would have a bad word to say about him. From the chefs to the coaches, the teachers at college and all the other staff.

"He's the perfect person at the club. Everyone was always impressed with the effort he made on the United Foundation days. He would always go the extra mile rather than just turning up, and made an effort to make their day."

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