Mick Foley says 24/7 Championship introduction was one of his worst promos 'in years'

Mick Foley

Despite some nay-sayers, the 24/7 Championship has quickly become one of the most exciting and fun parts of weekly WWE programming.

It's mainly been the creative thinking of R-Truth and Drake Maverick, who have gone outside the box on numerous occasions to create some hilarious moments on Raw and SmackDown.

The title has changed hands at a wedding, inside a limo, in a hotel room, underneath the ring - the belt has pretty-much done it all.

Based loosely on the Hardcore Championship in the Attitude Era without the gory violence, the 24/7 Title has changed hands 28 times in just two months, with Truth being a 10-time champion already - the belt though has given him a new lease of life.

But there was a time where there was a ton of negativity surrounding WWE's newest title.

During its actual introduction the night after Money In The Bank, the idea and belt were booed as WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley brought the belt into commission.

Foley has looked back on that night and has dubbed the introduction as one of his 'worst promos' of the last few years.

The 24/7 Title has recovered from its disastrous unveiling and R-Truth has been a big part of the success

"I wasn’t happy with my promo. I thought it was the worst promo I’ve given in-ring in many - well I guess there were a couple of worse ones when I was GM [of Raw]," Foley told Sunday Night's Main Event radio show, per NoDQ.

"As far as the one-offs, I think it was the worst I’ve done in a number of years.

"But I still saw it, even when there was backlash against the title, that people were going to get into the spirit of it, and it was going to be a fun part of the show, and I think that is the case.”

Mick Foley wasn't pleased with his unveiling promo but things turned out for the better in the end

All in all, Foley is not a big fan of having scripted promos, as his memory 'isn't the greatest' nowadays - which isn't surprising after his many years of wrestling.

Thankfully though after the initial awkwardness of the reveal, the belt has gone on to do huge numbers online for WWE, and can only continue to grow.

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