Chavo Guerrero has praised Andrade for keeping Eddie Guerrero's memory alive in WWE


November 13, 2019 will mark the 14-year anniversary of the death of one of the greatest superstars ever to step foot in the WWE.

Eddie Guerrero shockingly passed away in 2005, in a time where he was one of the main superstars who headed up the top of SmackDown's card.

He may have only been a main event superstar for a year and a half, but Guerrero's legacy spread far wider than that, having worked all across the world from Mexico to Japan, and in all of ECW, WCW and WWE.

His memory has lived on through Rey Mysterio, and in the months following his passing Guerrero was a key figure in Mysterio's story to winning the Royal Rumble and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Now though his legacy lives on in another Hispanic star - and that is Andrade.

The former NXT Champion has seemingly adopted Eddie's 'Three Amigos' suplex manoeuvre, and before that he was involved in a feud with Mysterio where he also copied Guerrero's taunts and mannerisms.

Whilst that could have seemed disrespectful to some, Eddie's uncle and former tag team partner Chavo has given Andrade the seal of approval.

Chavo Guerrero has approved of Andrade using Eddie Guerrero's moves and sees it as paying tribute

"The reason I do the Three Amigos is as a tribute to Eddie, so anybody who does that move is a tribute to the person who originally did it," Guerrero told WrestlingInc's podcast WINCLY.

"You emulate people because you see something that works and that you're a fan of.

"Obviously, Andrade is a fan of Eddie and of that move-set, so hats off to him, that's great that he's keeping the memory alive."

Vince McMahon is always seemingly on the look-out for a new Hispanic star, with Alberto Del Rio being the biggest achiever in the last 10 years.

And with the look and skill-set he has, there's no reason why Andrade can't be the next Hispanic main eventer.

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