Zack Sabre Jr declares that Boris Johnson has ruined his G1 Climax tournament in hilarious rant

Zack Sabre Jr

New Japan Pro Wrestling's most prestigious annual tournament was given an added boost in 2019.

NJPW were able to secure Jon Moxley for the 29th edition of the G1 Climax, just weeks after he left WWE and signed for All Elite Wrestling.

In Moxley's first match as a New Japan wrestler, he defeated former NXT alumni Juice Robinson to win the IWGP United States Championship, and shortly after declared his intentions to compete in the G1.

The tournament spans a whole month and the winner at the end of it all receives a world title shot at WrestleKingdom, which is NJPW's premier event.

Moxley is top of Block B with 10 points, winning all five of his matches so far, whilst Kazuchika Okada leads Block A with the same total.

It's not going so well for British technician Zack Sabre Jr though.

Once a semi-finalist in the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic, 'ZSJ' has continued to ply his trade all over the world and is now a big name in Japan.

Zack Sabre Jr has hilariously blamed Boris Johnson for his poor showing in NJPW's G1 tournament

But his G1 tournament isn't going so well, achieving just two points so far in Block A out of a possibly 10.

Sabre though thinks he's found the reason for his bad luck - and it comes at the hands of the new Prime minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson.

After Sabre lost to Evil on Night 9, the Brit made his way backstage and went on a huge rant and took his anger out on a chair - which you can watch in full below.

As a staunch Labour supporter, it's no surprise that Sabre isn't particularly pleased that a man like Boris is now in power.

Politics and sports rarely mix, but maybe Boris will see the clip if it goes viral enough - at the time of publication ZSJ's tweet has already been liked 2,600 times.

Whatever side of the British political spectrum you sit on though, it's a hilarious clip and brings out the best in Sabre's personality.

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