Fan shoved off tube train by passenger after chanting ‘Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea!’


We’ve all encountered annoying football fans on public transport.

It’s best to ignore them - but sometimes that’s much easier said than done.

But even if you lose your patience with them, we wouldn’t advise pushing them off a train.

This is what happened to one Chelsea fan, who kept chanting about his beloved football club on the Central Line over the weekend.

The man, dressed in a yellow shirt and shorts, looked like he may have had one or two too many.

He was chanting: ‘Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea!’ while imploring his fellow passengers on the westbound Central Line train to join in.


Some passengers were finding him irritating - and understandably so, in fairness - but one lad took matters into his own hands when the train pulled into St Paul’s station.

As the Chelsea fan stood in the doorway with his arms raised, chanting towards those on the platform, a fellow passenger shoved him out of the train moments before it pulled away to continue its journey.


“Stop, what you doing? You idiot!” screamed the Chelsea fan’s female companion.

She then signalled to meet the man at the next station.

The clip has gone viral on social media and has split opinion.

Many people have found it funny and believe the Chelsea fan got what he deserved for being annoying.

Others, though, feel that shoving him out of the train just as it pulled away was dangerous and unnecessary behaviour from the passenger.


It’s easy to understand both points of view.

There’s a strong chance that the passenger will now find himself in trouble with the police for his questionable actions.

Getting caught on camera pushing a fellow passenger off a tube train - well, it doesn’t look great, does it?

It’s unclear whether the fan, who wasn’t travelling to or from a Chelsea match, was hurt following the incident.

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