Sebastian Vettel’s start of race footage shows insane driving conditions in German Grand Prix


Formula 1 is widely accepted as one of the most difficult and dangerous sports around.

Unlike other sports where you can grab a racket and have a go, you can’t just jump into a Formula 1 car and start racing around at upwards of 150 miles per hour.

The immense skill that Formula 1 drivers possess can be seen in a video from a camera that was attached to Sebastian Vettel’s car during the German Grand Prix.

Vettel endured a disastrous start to the weekend, ensuring that he would be beginning the race last on the grid after not recording a time in the qualifying sessions.

However, the German took this all in his stride and drove sensationally, as shown by the video, to finish in second place behind Max Verstappen.

Vettel’s achievement is doubly impressive when you consider how wet the track was that he was performing these risky manoeuvres on, in his attempt to climb up the order.

The weather conditions surrounding the weekend’s event stole a lot of the headlines, with the race starting with three reconnaissance laps behind a safety car and Charles Leclerc skidding off the track whilst in second place.

It is never a pleasant experience driving in the rain for the everyday person in an everyday car, but throw in high speeds, tight corners and a crowd of expectant fans and the task seems virtually impossible.

Vettel managed the situation immaculately, though, with the video showing that for the majority of the time the 32-year-old, along with the other racers, was driving with extremely limited visibility due to the amount of spray coming off the track.

For a significant part of the early stages of the race, the only thing visible to the racers were the red warning lights at the back of each car, with corners seeming to appear out of nowhere.

Despite the conditions making for a thrilling spectacle, every driver will be hoping to arrive at a considerably less wet Hungary next weekend.

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