New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees wears bright red Louis Vuitton and Supreme custom boots


Drew Brees is not a flashy player at all.

The New Orleans quarterback has been so successful over the years because he keeps his head down and does his job.

He prefers to do his talking on the pitch rather than create headlines off it.

However, he's managed to get himself in the news going into the 19th season of his professional career.

The New Orleans Saints player reported for pre-season training earlier this week.

And, on the third day of training camp, he decided to wear some outrageous boots.

Brees turned up to training on Sunday with custom bright red Nike boots that had the logos of Louis Vuitton and Supreme on them.

It was a bold move from the 40-year-old but the boots looked stunning.

View them below:

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Brees later told FOX 8, Garland Gillen, that his boots were designed by Marcus Rivero of Soles by Sir, who has created customised 'My Cause My Cleats' for Brees the last three years.

The one-time Superbowl champion will not wear the boots again and will now auction them off for charity.

So, if you like the look of them, you will actually have a chance to buy them yourself with all the proceeds going to charity.

It's likely that you will need a lot of money to buy them, though.

Drew Brees is bidding to win his second Superbowl this season

Brees has shattered numerous records during his professional career and has cemented his positions as one of the best quarterbacks of all-time.

He'll be 41 years old in just under six months but Brees is confident he's successfully battling the effects of ageing.

“I feel like I’m pretty aware of what you lose with the ageing process," he told

"And so, everything I do, from a training perspective and recovery perspective, is to combat that. So you try to stay ahead of that curve.

“So far, I feel like I’m beating it. Just finding ways to stay young, feel young, recover, be as efficient as possible.

Having the body operate as efficient as possible. Doing all the little things so you’re having to be as accurate as possible. Be as quick as possible. Just all those little things.”

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