Renee Young fires back at WWE fans who have been critical of her commentary skills

Last September, Renee Young was given a huge, unique opportunity by WWE.

The Canadian broadcaster became the first female to be a full-time commentator of Monday Night Raw and it marked the culmination of a six-year rise up the ranks of WWE.

Young was initially an interviewer and hosted several online shows for WWE, and then transitioned into the commentary booth for NXT and Superstars in 2013.

She then became the main backstage interviewer for RAW and SmackDown and once her real-life relationship with now-departed star Dean Ambrose was made public, she was even involved in storylines.

It’s clear to see that the top brass in WWE hold her in high regard, and if they didn’t she wouldn’t have been the person to replace Jonathan Coachman at the RAW desk last year.

There’s always a critic around the corner though, especially in an establishment that is as globally-recognised as WWE, and unfortunately they’ve now come for Young.

A ‘fan’ tweeted Young directly yesterday to tell her that he would love it if WWE wouldn’t put ‘sh***y’ announcers on their shows – mentioning Nigel McGuinness and Mauro Ranallo as the only ‘good’ commentators signed by WWE.

Renee’s response clearly struck a nerve with some though after she hit back by saying she’s still earning money despite what people think of her skills.

Another fan by the name of ‘Hector’ referenced the fact that not many people liked Seth Rollins’ response to NJPW star Will Ospreay weeks ago when he noted that his bank balance would be looking far healthier than his, and that many could dislike Young for mentioning finances.

Young got philosophical though and reflected on her job – saying she ‘knows’ she isn’t great on commentary but she is still learning and that it’s hard to do so on a ‘gigantic global TV show’.

Her point is very valid and she had a lot of back-up from fellow WWE employees, such as Nikki Cross, Peyton Royce, Kurt Angle and Rollins himself, all praising her obvious talents.

Social media can unfortunately be a negative place even at the best of times, and for WWE superstars who are always in the limelight it’s probably better to just ignore them.

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